Advanced Dentistry


Advanced Dentistry


What is Advanced Dentistry?

Advanced Dentistry

Advanced dentistry is addressed to the use of innovative technology for the wide and various dental healths related issues like tooth cavities, internal tooth infections, structural damage, periodontal disease or dental caries. The treatment maximizes comfort, time-frame, and efficiency for the success of your dental care.

Advanced Dentistry is a complex dental treatment with some other advantageous benefits.

  • Untreated periodontal disease or damaged and decayed tooth could lead to various uncomfortable symptoms like abscess, intense pain which might bring fever.
  • Tooth loss inhibits the food intake striking a blow at the self-image where the loser avoids social interactions.

So, as a part of restoration of smile, dental restorations with the use of materials and procedures promote the improved dental health and function. Such technique is also known as biocompatible dentistry where the techniques are integrated successfully with natural teeth and oral structures.

Benefits of Biocompatible Dentistry

  • Restorations done like natural teeth with proper facial design
  • Facial structure and smile reduce the risk of restorations
  • Other than metal-free dental restorations you as patient can choose translucent natured tooth enamel made from porcelain
  • Metal-free dental fillings could be done from innovative acrylic composite resin
  • Porcelain veneers could transform the smile cosmetically by correcting the complex dental imperfections in one or two visits to the dentist.
  • Biocompatible titanium posts acceptable by jawbone as genuine natural teeth roots are employed for dental implants.
  • Even modified dental bridges are required for the healthy tooth structure to avoid further dental health related issues.