Bruxism Appliances


Bruxism Appliances



Bruxism Appliances

Bruxism is an unconscious behavior and one of the oldest disorders known where a child to an adult usually clenches and grinds the teeth to release anxiety, aggression, anger or stress. Improper occlusion is often the cause of grinding and bruxism. If the dentist finds this to be the case, they will recommend orthodontic treatment like invisalign, in order to straiten the teeth and get a perfect bite.

Symptoms of Bruxism

Bruxism includes dull headaches and earaches, sensitive teeth with locking, popping and clicking of the jaw. A careful dental examination includes the enamel loss from the chewing surfaces from teeth as well as loosened teeth. The fractured teeth and fillings if left untreated for years then this problem might lead to teeth loss and dysfunction of jaw.

Treatment of Bruxism

Bruxism is treated with a removable custom-fitted plastic appliance to prevent from the further damage of the teeth. A night guard is the plastic appliance placed between the upper and lower teeth which protect the teeth from clenching and grinding behavior.

In some cases, the adjustment of abnormal occlusion is done through the removal of high spots. The tooth fit is done more comfortably. The replaced or crooked missing teeth might be fixed straight with orthodontic treatment just eliminating the possible and underlying causes of bruxism. Muscle relaxants are advised by dentists only when found that the jaw muscles are very tight.

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