Root Canal Therapy


Root Canal Therapy


What is a root canal therapy?

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy belongs to modern endodontic treatment done only when there is an inflamed or infected pulp. The causes for this inflammation or infection are many like deep seated decay or repeated dental procedures on the tooth or faulty crowns. If there is no visible cracks or chips on tooth then tooth trauma could do pulp damage. This damage of pulp leads to inflammation or infection which if left untreated could lead to abscess.

The removal of this inflamed or infected pulp is done in root canal therapy. First of all the tooth is very carefully cleaned and then disinfected. Afterwards, it is filled and sealed with rubber-like material called gutta-percha and then restoration is done with a crown for further protection. After that, the tooth can function like any other tooth.

Symptoms of having root canal therapy

  • If there is an abscess or pimple on the gum
  • If your tooth has become very sensitive to hot or cold
  • If you suffer from severe toothache
  • If you can feel any sort of tenderness or swelling

Endodontic treatment would provide all to maintain the natural smile on face and continue eating foods you love only with proper dental care.